day 267


Human engineering is amazing. To have some of the roughest waters I’ve ever seen on one side and the other, completely flat and calm. We continue to work to protect, control, and engineer our way in nature to live in this world. We cannot always control the destructive powers but we can determine their impact on us.

Chris and Laura


day 266


Bright orange is my favorite color of fall leaves. We couldn’t help but to stop and take pictures of this tree in our neighborhood.

Chris and Laura

day 263


Liam’s reaction to the picture of his toy couldn’t have been better. We don’t allow him to take his “little Lego” set to bed but he takes his picture around with him wherever he goes. We have learned an important lesson about including our kids in the things we do, not segregating them in their own little world. It’s always challenge to grow our own relationship and personal lives but it’s those actions and drive that will teach our boys more than our words.

Chris and Laura

day 262


We recently heard a great tip on a photography podcast about getting your family involved in photography with you. As we both get more involved with taking pictures it’s important that we include the boys. One of the tips we ran with was taking a picture of a subject the boys love.

This Lego set was a special gift from me to Liam for his birthday. Liam shares my love of both Star Wars and Legos. When I found this set it was a match made in heaven as his favorite Star Wars character is this droid, K2SO from Rouge One. Why might anyone ask in all of the movies did Liam pick this character to be his favorite? “Because he sacrifices himself for his friends.” -Liam

More to follow on this story…

Chris and Laura

day 261


Laura and I have truly been blessed. No this isn’t a #blessed moment. There have been things given to us that we never deserved. Our boys, their health, and their stories are clear indications of provision. Watching the two of them interact with each other has been an even bigger gift and joy.

A client who is contemplating having more children asked me recently how did we go about deciding for another. I remember before deciding to go for 2 that things were going smoothly and upsetting the status quo was a big fear. But we love our little team that we have been given and we weren’t ready to stop growing that team. As anyone with kids knows you can never truly be ready. We wanted to add more teammates. That’s how you know.

Chris and Laura

day 260


Why are we so drawn to beaches? We had a great time in Michigan over fall break and for Laura’s first official photography outing the weather really showed off. We had high winds with a perfect mix of storm clouds and sun. High waves gave way to some interesting and beautiful pictures of our favorite beach.

Chris and Laura

day 259


As we were driving back from our fall break trip we drove past this scene. And this was only a half hour into our 6+ hour trip home with our boys. We had a choice to stop or keep going. I decided to stop, a little later than I should have, and turn around to take pictures. And I’m glad I did. So many times we have that pause when we are nudged to do something and we just ignore it. But we are usually blessed when we do stop.

Chris and Laura

day 257


Photography is a great medium because you get the opportunity to convey exactly what you saw, experienced and felt through your pictures. With technology our computers have become the dark rooms of the film days. As Laura continues to learn photography she keeps asking herself how far do you go in editing a picture. Do you keep it true to what it correctly looked like or take some artistic liberties to convey a feeling? I typically believe that conveying everything about the experience is most important even if the picture isn’t truly accurate. But then you get a few moments where everything aligns for a great picture and when you edit it the end result is exactly how it looked. Those are the best kinds of pictures and opportunities.