day 189


Laura’s gladiolas have come up thick this year and are still blooming in her side “wild” garden bed. A few years back, when they first started to flower, she was disappointed by how quickly they fell over from their own weight. She decided it was an opportunity to have beautiful and fresh cut flowers in our home. We have the option of how we look at any situation. Positive or negative. These colorful flowers are a reminder to look for the positive even through the most difficult of times.

Chris and Laura

day 188


Another amazing barn in Indiana. It’s refreshing to see so many older barns, some several centuries old, still standing. Those foundations have stood the test of time. Weather and decay have made patches necessary but with a strong and true foundation these barns have endured. What we have put our foundation on and how we have built that foundation determine our trajectory and staying power for the future.

Chris and Laura

day 187


Monday mornings can be anxious moments for many. With a whole week ahead and more work to do than time to do it our minds can spin. But when we spin we miss the beauty all around us. Creation has so much beauty even in our fallen world down to the tiniest of detail. When I get busy today, like we all will, I’m going to work at remembering the beauty around me.

Chris and Laura

day 186


One of the joys of gardening is our raspberries. This year was the first year we had a large and consistent crop. While we checked and picked every day we would miss a few.

I wanted to take starts of these plants with us during our next move. I tried transplanting, forcing the plants to grow in pots over the last several years but they never took. I decided instead to let nature take its course. Whenever there was a bad, or overripened berry I’d just throw it in a pot of good soil. And over the last month new plants have sprouted up. Even from decay new growth has formed that will soon produce its own fruit.

Chris and Laura

day 185


Last night at blue hour. The boys were in bed and mostly asleep. The back yard looked like a war zone after a beautifully cool day of playing and running around. I wasn’t paying much attention to the sky, or much attention to anything as I picked up after them. But when I was done I looked up and saw this. Unfortunately the minute it took me to grab my camera was all it took to miss some beautiful red clouds around the moon. It reminded me to keep looking and stay observant at all times.

Chris and Laura

day 185


It’s sweet corn time in Indiana and the corn is getting really good. Not just in the grocery store but local farmers are selling right by the road around us. It’s something we look forward to every year. Saying all four of us are excited is a bit of an understatement!

Chris and Laura

day 184



Traditions are important. Everyone has them in some way, shape, or form. Laura and I had a great date night last night and we were reminded about the traditions I grew up with and the ones we are continuing as a couple.

Sometimes the word tradition can bring negative feelings and even pain. I know with a lot of my generation we balk at tradition. And there are some things we have done in the past that need to end. But I think there’s a lot of positive that we need to remember about the past that we can learn from and continue.

day 183


WestPoint Financial Group is a great place to start a business and be an entrepreneur. I’m extremely grateful for all of those who have gone before me to develop the firm and pave the path that I am on. It’s amazing to look back over 8 years and see how the firm has grown. It’s exciting to think what the future holds for us!

Chris and Laura

day 182


Whenever we stop to get out of the car we have always called out which kid we will be responsible for. I’m not sure why we do this but we always have. We call each kid out by their number. Literally Liam being our first is #1 and Theo being our second is #2. We caught Theo watching Liam play in the sandbox yesterday. Watching and waiting. And then in one of those perfectly captured moments he did this: I think he’s saying “now I’m #1.”

Chris and Laura

day 181


Liam has entered a new phase of storytelling. He was at it again last night with my parents telling tall tales. We’ve often wondered what’s going through his mind as we ask him questions and he continues to make up the story as he goes. I know he is witness to many of our stories and conversations. I get the feeling he wants to be part of the grown up conversation. I’m not sure but maybe that’s why he grabbed my hat and wore it around the house for a while. Regardless of his reasons I’m glad he’s following dad’s footsteps and is yet another Indian’s fan.

Chris and Laura