day 248


Fall colors seem late this year. We’ve had a very warm, and dry end of summer and beginning of fall. I’m not sure if that contributes to how and when the leaves change but it’s made this one tree stand out on our morning run. When it’s late enough and not pitch black this tree comes into view just around a corner half way through our family run. It’s something I look forward to every time. I know soon the leaves will drop and others will come into color but it reminds me of the way we should handle every task or piece of work. They are all opportunities to improve ourselves and looking forward to something along the journey is the real path to joy. Not just completing something we don’t want to do.

Chris and Laura


day 247


Everyone talks about the terrible twos and this kid would be squarely in that time frame. His two year molars are coming in, he isn’t sleeping well and he’s wanting to do and say the things big brother is doing and saying but his little body holds him back and that’s frustrating. We made a conscious choice though not to say that he has the terrible twos. This is a explosive developmental year for him and he’s healthy, growing, and all together a good kid. It’s fun to watch him follow in his brother’s footsteps, sometimes literally too close. It’s a far cry from his first 6 months of life when he wasn’t eating or growing or doing well. Even though his development takes more time and attention right now we are thankful instead of complaining. I think if we all faced our challenges in life that way we’d be much happier and fight with each other a lot less.

Chris and Laura

day 245


I believe I’ve finally captured the picture that more accurately captures Laura. Our marriage hasn’t been perfect and has been the biggest challenge we have faced but our commitment to each other is solid. It’s not arrogance or pride but a choice we both have made to stick together no matter what happens. Life can throw a lot of curve balls and we face a lot of speed bumps along the way but our commitment to one another is what makes it possible to get through.

Chris and Laura

day 244


I remember being Liam’s age riding in a John Deere combine on our fields harvesting corn. It was the biggest machine I’d ever ridden in and I’ll never forget that moment. I don’t think Liam will ever forget this moment either.

Chris and Laura

day 243


We are not perfect or expert parents. And we certainly don’t claim to be. We’ve tried to take a more laid back approach to raising our boys and have been blessed with their health and growth. We do try to give them new experiences and expose them to new things; learning by doing and seeing. Liam, like many boys, loves construction equipment and his mind was blown seeing ground being broken for my parents’ barn. We often wonder what’s going through that little mind of his.

Chris and Laura

day 242


Everything has a beginning and an ending. One quarter has finished and a new one has begun. Last quarter was the most challenging for us on many levels but we grew and learned the most that we ever have. We are looking forward to a new quarter, the last one of the year to focus on achieving our goals.

Chris and Laura

day 241


We love fall because it’s a time to be thankful. Harvest is in full swing in many aspects of life and our blessings seem to be highlighted during this season. While the leaves and decorations are beautiful and the cool mornings invite us to slow down it’s also a constant reminder to appreciate what we’ve been given.

Chris and Laura

day 240


These are very orange wheels. They certainly caught my attention. Most of the time I try to not be flashy or stand out in a crowd. I was raised to believe that calling attention to yourself never pays in the long run. It’s a good quality to have but maybe it isn’t always true. Standing up or standing out in a crowd can be courageous when you’re doing it for the right reasons. “We need people of courage today to stand up to evil in a culture that’s turning wrong into right and darkness into light.” -Rick Warren

Chris and Laura