day 258


Giant pumpkins. This one weighed over 1300 pounds and was certainly not a record. I love fall festivities.

Chris and Laura


day 256


You ever have one of those, drop your boat’s rope in the lake, days? Theo has a lot of those days being a two year old following in big brothers footsteps. He sees what he wants to be able to do but his little body isn’t coordinated enough, yet. We all have those days but just like Theo we can’t give up. That’s when we truly lose. Don’t turn back but keep your eyes focused forward.

Chris and Laura

day 200


We really like learning by doing. One of the ways we are stretching and challenging ourselves to grow is to learn new hobbies or “trades”. Farming, carpentry, electrical, plumbing are all areas where we are spending dedicated time challenging ourselves to become more well rounded people. Technology, for all of the problems it causes, helps the advance of becoming more educated in doing not just thinking or knowing. No, we won’t stop using professionals and we aren’t going to start new careers or businesses. It’s about becoming well rounded people which I believe we can all strive to achieve. With all of the negativity in our country this is our way of being positive and adding something to our community.

Chris and Laura

day 198


We’ve been discussing honey lately. It’s a staple in our home. Our boys love it and beg for it. What’s not to love about honey? It’s all natural and never goes bad. While we have been planning and dreaming about our next home bee keeping is on the short list and will certainly be a new Jackson adventure.

Chris and Laura

day 197


The spider outside Liam’s window. This has been an ongoing conversation in our house for a few weeks now. It started with a big concern that the spider was inside his window but we’ve assured him it was not.

Capturing a picture of a spider web was tricky and when I did I was surprised by what I captured. I know there are a lot of people that have legitimate circumstances to complain about, Very hard or difficult things they are dealing with. Bad days, weeks, or even years. But I think we’d all agree not as bad as this guy’s day. Sometimes it helps to get a little perspective.

Chris and Laura

day 194


I almost missed this barn. We went on a long ride and had gotten into a fight right before. Riding usually clears my head but I wasn’t paying attention to what was around me. Luckily I did see it in the corner of my eye as I passed and turned around. This barn is falling down and who knows how much longer it will be there. With where I was mentally I could have completely missed ever seeing this barn. Even though it’s just a barn, there are many situations and things we miss by choosing to remain in bad moods or focus on what others are doing or not doing for us. It’s not worth it and we miss out on the joy in life.

Chris and Laura

day 193


These two are best friends. Whatever one is doing the other is surely to follow. It’s been rewarding and fun to watch both grow independently, with their own unique personalities, and also to become inseparable. Liam is the true big brother leading the way. Most of the time that’s positive. Theo works hard to keep up and be interested in whatever big brother is doing. But still he is his own person. It’s a blessing having two healthy boys.

Chris and Laura