day 258


Giant pumpkins. This one weighed over 1300 pounds and was certainly not a record. I love fall festivities.

Chris and Laura


day 257


Photography is a great medium because you get the opportunity to convey exactly what you saw, experienced and felt through your pictures. With technology our computers have become the dark rooms of the film days. As Laura continues to learn photography she keeps asking herself how far do you go in editing a picture. Do you keep it true to what it correctly looked like or take some artistic liberties to convey a feeling? I typically believe that conveying everything about the experience is most important even if the picture isn’t truly accurate. But then you get a few moments where everything aligns for a great picture and when you edit it the end result is exactly how it looked. Those are the best kinds of pictures and opportunities.

day 256


You ever have one of those, drop your boat’s rope in the lake, days? Theo has a lot of those days being a two year old following in big brothers footsteps. He sees what he wants to be able to do but his little body isn’t coordinated enough, yet. We all have those days but just like Theo we can’t give up. That’s when we truly lose. Don’t turn back but keep your eyes focused forward.

Chris and Laura

day 255


We have found that in our marriage when we do things together we enjoy and appreciate those activities and each other much more. We’ve now worked together for over 4 years. This last year we started cycling together and continued to ride together. We have always cooked together and now we are exploring taking pictures together. This was new for Laura and she was somewhat hesitant at first but, after embracing the uncomfortable that new things can bring, she has excelled at finding beauty in the creation around us. We understand that when we in our marriage and friendship do things together we are connected. When we are connected we can do anything, achieve anything and defend ourselves and our marriage against the attacks so prevalent in our time.

Chris and Laura

day 254


Apple pie is my favorite. Cherry Hut making apple pie and serving it with cinnamon ice cream was over the top. But the cheddar cheese slice? That was a completely new one on me. Laura’s family was aware of this phenomenon and maybe my parents held back when we were growing up. A tradition that Is obviously against the state law of Vermont to serve pie any other way. I didn’t realize the stakes were so high. Written on that law they explained why it’s a crime to serve apple pie without a slice: “an apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.” Don’t you love humanity?

P.S. I gave my slice of cheese to my father in law.

Chris and Laura

day 253


Have you ever tried to count the stars on a clear, dark night? Just thinking about the task while looking up is amazing. This is my first attempt at star photography and I’m sure not my last. I can only imagine what the sky looked like a few thousand years ago with no ambient light.

Chris and Laura

day 251


This is a Jack Fruit. Up until a couple of days ago I didn’t know what a Jack Fruit was. I have never claimed to be all knowing but it still amazes me when I discover something completely new and…weird.

There has been a growing disconnect and separation between faith and knowledge in our current culture and it doesn’t have to be that way. As our pastor spoke to us this last week there is a natural connection between science and faith we should all embrace, and not run away from. Here’s to discovering new things in creation and understanding how things work in our world and universe more and more.

Chris and Laura

day 249


It’s harvest time. Around the Midwest the hardworking farmers who feed many in this world are taking in their crops and reaping the benefits of their hard work throughout the year. Harvest always entails hard work before being able to celebrate the fruits of labor.

This year it seems walnut trees have a heavy production of fruit and nuts. We are typically annoyed by the nuts on the roads and lawns and pick them up and toss them out. We decided to take a different approach this year and to harvest them; to use and eat what’s been provided for us. For anyone who’s harvested walnuts it’s a lot of work but in the end, like any harvest, it’s rewarding.

Chris and Laura