day 166


I believe we all have specific times that we are moved to take action. We are stirred either by our conscience or by the work of the Spirit, somehow internally, to act in this manner right now. When we listen and act those thoughts come more rapidly, steadily, and concretely. When we string together those actions they lead to a great life we couldn’t have imagined or created on our own.

I’ve learned to love photography for many reasons. The chief of these has been being moved to stop and take a picture as I’m living out my life. I see something and it catches my eye. Some of my best and most favorite pictures have come from a seemingly random thought or sight. This picture was one of those instances. On a run we passed something that I caught out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t realize initially what it was but knew I needed to stop and return to look at it more. It was an old, very small, abandoned cottage on the lake that has been slowly eaten by the surrounding woods. What was its story? Who abandoned it and why? To me it seems like it has a sad story even though great memories were once shared at this place.

I’m even more motivated this morning to listen for the ques to take action and I hope you are too.

Chris and Laura


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