day 161


Laura had a lot of firsts on the bike yesterday. It marked her longest ride at 35 miles. She also crossed riding 100 miles in 4 days and over the last 2 days conquered some of the tallest, longest, and steepest hills she’s ever climbed. This might not seem like much to a professional but signify huge leaps and accomplishments for her.

This all for a woman that swore off cycling and hills when we first started dating. I tried to introduce cycling as an alternate exercise with her back injury from running. In her own words she “was closed off to anything new.” At the top of the biggest hill yesterday she commented “I can’t believe I’ve been fighting this and missing this for so long.”

When we are closed off to anything new we miss out on a lot. Someone once told me when we let our minds refuse anything new we typically have only used 10% of our potential. We never know what we are truly capable of doing. And we miss out on the best views.

Chris and Laura


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