day 149


The story of Kodak can teach us a lot. Here’s a company that was innovative, bringing the first mass produced film cameras into the homes of people who could never before afford the technology. Kodak created a hobby the lead to how we take and keep pictures even today. The company grew and became happy with their success and profits. Kodak became a household name.

But they became complacent with their profits and shifted their focus from serving customers to being owed success without changing. Many companies have traveled the path from a service mindset to entitlement mentality. When digital cameras started to come on scene Kodak decided to see the change as a threat instead of an opportunity. And it lead to their downfall.

As a business owner I try to keep the story of Kodak top of mind. I want to make sure I’m not avoiding change to stay relevant in serving others. Change can be hard but it’s a necessity and unavoidable part of life. It can be seen as an opportunity for growth and service and then change becomes fun.

Chris and Laura


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