day 142


Bridges connect two pieces of land so travel can be made without the hindering of road blocks like water or rocks in deep ravines. To make progress one must cross the bridge first to see what lies ahead. This bridge isn’t very large but it does obscure a small but very steep and painful hill just on the other side. Someone coming up to this bridge wouldn’t know it’s there until they get across.

I’ve found there are two types of people when it comes to bridges. First, there are those who come up to bridges like this and stop, having fear of what’s beyond and they can’t bring themselves to cross for what difficulties lie ahead. They don’t make progress and while they think they are standing still are actually moving backwards. Then there are those that cross the bridge, understanding that there are difficulties ahead but seem them as challenges they can learn from, grow from, and even enjoy the scenery as they go through them. There are way too many people that never cross a bridge and miss out on what they were designed for. It makes me sad thinking about the missed opportunities they have. As for me I’m focused on crossing the bridge and what lies ahead.

Chris and Laura


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