day 136


This week has been a difficult week for our marriage. Anyone who is married knows you have those weeks where things are just hard and you can’t seem to get along. When we get into fights one thing that clears my head is to go out and drive around. We dropped Liam off at Vacation Bible School and decided to do that with Laura. She made an interesting observation while we were driving around. At this point in our drive I saw this field, much different than most of the newly green fields of spring, stopped and got out to take a look and a picture. When I got back in the car Laura told me that she hadn’t even seen the field. She was so focused on herself and what she wanted she didn’t and couldn’t see the beauty around her. There’s very little we can’t truly control and when we try to take control of what we can’t or what’s not ours to do we focus on ourselves instead of what’s happening around us. That typically leads to negative thinking instead of positive. And as we discussed yesterday we want to surround ourselves with the positive.

Chris and Laura


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