day 135


I’ve always been fascinated by perspective. Ever since some of my first art classes in school it has fascinated me how perspective can completely change the look or outlook of a picture or situation. This is one of my favorite roads on one of my favorite routes that I ride my bike on. If you were to look at this road from a map or aerial view you would see a long stretch of straight road. Nothing special. If you look at topographic information it’s completely flat and has even less interest. But taken from the perspective of my bike the road looks completely different.

Sometimes I think it’s helpful to look at what’s right in front of you. You don’t climb a mountain all at once and you certainly don’t achieve any personal change or goals right away. It’s good to see what’s right in front of you. But then again there are moments where it’s important to back up and see the bigger picture. How miniscule one day is to your entire life or history. When mistakes are made are you going to let it define more than just a dot on the entire stretch or will you move on and see the bigger picture? That’s why I love perspective.

Chris and Laura


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