day 132


Returning home from a great trip or an amazing vacation can always be a downer. The inevitability of catching up with work back in your normal every day life sets in and a kind of depression can creep into your attitude. It can be even worse given tired kids in a packed car on a long drive home.

I was thinking about that fact heading home this weekend but realized it’s all a matter of perspective and we do have the power to control our thoughts. I snapped this picture while heading down the interstate and it reminded me that life is about the journey not a destination. And the journey home is part of that journey that we could miss. Miss a big opportunity to see or experience something unique.

I think one of the reasons for “the big letdown” after a vacation or trip is that we alter who we are and what we do on these trips. I’m not saying that stopping work to sharpen the axe is a bad thing at all. But we were created to work. It’s not some evil thing. And our routines keep us normal and centered. As we look forward to our summer vacation coming up this year I want to make sure that our daily routine doesn’t change that much. Sure we won’t be going to work but there’s other ways to enjoy that journey to, from and during that will keep us on track.

Chris and Laura


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