day 130


A guy by the name of Rory Vaden talks a lot about “taking the stairs”. Doing the hard work in the short term to get the results you want in the long term. Our culture is focused on the opposite today. Focusing solely on short term fulfillment we are creating disasters for ourselves in the future. I see this every day with the people I meet and try to counsel and advise.

I believe everyone has areas in their lives where they are choosing short term easy over long term success. I know we have and do. One of the things we have focused on in this 12 weeks is waking up early and setting a wake up routine. While it was extremely painful in the beginning there is a compounding effect that takes place when you consistently make small decisions to do the hard work in the short term.

Our bodies are now used to waking up early in the morning and we consistently have two hours before the boys get up or anyone else for that matter to get a lot done. Our most productive time of the day is right away. We still value sleep and physical health, we just don’t stay up late or watch endless TV anymore. These decisions were hard initially and every now and then we don’t feel like doing it but there’s more excitement about waking up in our household than there ever has been.

This parking lot is testament to what we are trying to do, live differently than others. We do our grocery shopping early in the morning when no one is around and there’s no traffic. It’s saved us a ton of time and there’s a peace to it when no one else is around.

Now I’m not saying we do everything perfectly because we absolutely don’t. This is one area we have focused on to be better. But we also know there are a lot more to go. But we are excited for the challenges and the short term work that’s ahead of us.

Chris and Laura


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