day 125


It’s that time of year when local strawberries are ripening and being picked. We went to Tuttle’s Orchard to pick some up as part of their strawberry celebration. We love strawberries. And there’s nothing like the taste of fresh local berries. It’s interesting to note this year that because of the mild winter and all of the rain we had the berries ripened quickly and would need to be eaten quickly because they would turn. Our boys helped to make that not an issue.

Growing up we had gardens with strawberry plants and I remember having to be patient and wait for the berries to ripen even when we would see them on the plant. And then only harvest them every other year. But when the harvest came everyone helped out to get the most out of hard work. It’s a lesson I want to pass along to my boys. Now at our current house we don’t have the space for a garden for strawberries but we do have a small raspberry bush and, like the strawberries, we can tell it’s going to be a good crop this year. But we have to wait for the right time and then be ready to harvest and enjoy the fruits of the labor.

Chris and Laura


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