day 124


I’ve always been amazed by woodworking. I think that excitement runs in my family. My grandfather loved making things with his own hands out of wood and that’s been passed down to my dad and my brother. Seeing something so alive and raw be shaped and molded into something even more beautiful and functional… If it’s building something completely new or refinishing an old antique we are drawn to it, not to mention our love of tools.

We were driving around when we decided to stop at this speciality woodworking shop. They had pieces made by craftsman on display and I was taken by their beauty and drawn in to that work. Working with your hands is extremely rewarding especially when you see a finished product that’s polished and beautiful.

One proverb I read this morning was about the diligence of planning and it’s successful outcome vs the hasty planning and it’s downfall. I think of working with your hands, especially when building something, and how important diligence is. We have been watching old seasons of This Old House, a show we grew up watching and love, and see how important and essential diligence is. If you don’t take your time to think things through and have a plan you won’t have a useable and beautiful finished product, one that will stand the test of time. Being hasty, always in a hurry, and not planning or thinking things through always leads to destruction. I see this in my work every day. Slowing down has been a weakness of mine throughout my life. Being diligent is something I strive for in anything I do but can always be better. How true is this dichotomy in every aspect of our modern day lives?

Chris and Laura



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