day 122


This is the tallest tree on my parents property which happens to be on the high point, a hill on their property and a high point on all of the surrounding property. You have to take several steps back to see just how high it is in comparison to all of its surroundings but it’s obvious it stands higher than anything else.

In the last round of thunderstorms this tree was hit by lightening. It amazes me to think about lightning, something so powerful and full of energy being attracted to whatever stands the tallest. Now the destruction of this tree, the cracks and pockets of shredded bark is fantastic. There are several spots around the tree that have deep cracks that run from top to bottom. The tree even being this big couldn’t handle the power that came from the lightning. But the tree didn’t fall; it’s still standing.

We strive to be the best at whatever we do. We know perfection won’t happen in this life but we feel called to the pursuit of excellence. When trying to lead that kind of life you are going to stand out from those around you and attract some powerful forces both good and bad. I think we are all called to live this type of life and as unique as we are as humans have the ability to keep standing even after the power has rushed through us.

Chris and Laura


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