day 121


Liam has such a great attitude on life right now. We were over at my parents and my dad was working outside so Liam couldn’t help but get involved. Dad asked him if he would drive the tractor to the place he needed it next and without skipping a beat Liam said sure. He only turned for help after thinking of a way he could climb into the seat himself. Once he was in the seat, engine off of course, he had no fear and started working on figuring everything out. What surprised him the most as he was going through and touching every handle, button, knob, and lever is when he reached for the hydraulic lift handle and released the pressure, lowering the raised bucket. He thought he was pretty hot stuff and didn’t know why Dad and I wouldn’t turn the engine on for him to continue.

I’ve thought a lot about the attitude my boys have and so many other children have. Of course I can do it. I’ll try and not give up until I find it impossible but will still persist in thinking of ways to do whatever task or goal I set my mind to until I do it or get myself into trouble. We have so much unnecessary fear and there is a lot of social and cultural programming that’s always telling us we can’t and no.

Now part of the reason Liam and children don’t have any fear is their complete trust in their parents. Liam knew that his dad and grandad were as close to him as they could possibly be and would sacrifice themselves to make sure no harm came to him. Is it really so different as adults? Our other dad is there guiding and protecting us. Maybe that’s part of what he meant when telling all of us to be childlike. Something we should strive for every moment.

Chris and Laura



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