day 119


I wrote a few days back how wet this spring has been in central Indiana and it has only rained more since. Laura and I had gotten into a conversation…disagreement, no…fight and negativity had clouded my mind and when that happens I can’t see anything clearly. Then in the middle of our fight she called me into the kitchen to see the perfect situation with the rain, cleaning sky, and sunset. Our pine tree out back was completely soaked with water droplets and every part of the tree was holding onto that water for dear life. With the golden rays of the setting sun hitting those water droplets it literally made the tree glow. No Christmas tree I’ve ever seen was dressed as magnificently as nature was showing off this tree. It reminded me to take a step back, let the fog of anger during our fight lift so that I could see what was going around me clearly. Life is too short and there are too many beautiful things happening around us all of the time to continually focus on the negative, no matter how large.

Chris and Laura


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