day 117


Laura asked me an interesting question yesterday. If I knew 8 years ago what I know now and would I have made changes, specifically where we live? I’ve been thinking about that question for the last 24 hours. Part of me wants to say no. We’ve learned valuable lessons in the last 8 years. At some point in our lives I think everyone asks that question to themselves and most feel the same way. But there are a few things I wish we could have done differently.

We had the opportunity to sit and watch the boys play out back yesterday. We really enjoy this house and one of the big draws outside of being very close to Laura’s school was the location on a retention pond. It’s given this small house on a small lot a lot of privacy and makes the space feel a lot bigger than it is. I was reminded of that factor when we watched and listened to the bull frogs come out. The wildlife that we and the boys have been able to witness with that pond has been extremely enjoyable.

We’ve been praying a lot about where we are to live next. We feel we have outgrown our home for a while now and have been drawn in multiple different directions. Over the last 2-3 weeks we’ve received unbelievable clarity and direction. While we still love our first little house and will miss the pond and our lives here, it’s hard to not feel like we would have been in a better position had we know… Had we known that we would have two boys and wanted to send them to a certain school. We could have started out living in that district. There’s more and more “wish I would have known” facts but we also wouldn’t have been put into this position of trusting and listening on where we should go and how it will work out. A lesson I wouldn’t exchange for anything.

Chris and Laura


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