day 116


One thing that I’ve made a habit of doing every year is measuring where the boys are in height at a given date. It’s a great visual reminder of how they have grown and continue to grow as well as a comparison of each of my boys at a given age. Both of them are so different and their developments have been so different that I find it funny that at the same ages they are extremely close if not identical in height.

This is a clear and obvious visual way of comparing growth when the boys are growing by inches and feet every year, or seemingly every day. It got me thinking about where will they end up in height? Their mom and dad aren’t very tall and the stick is only 6 feet tall as well. Will I need to find a longer stick to measure them by the time they stop growing physically?

But it also got me thinking about us as adults. I try to read something new and learn something each and every day. Keeping my mind alert and active. I see too many people seemingly sleep walking through their lives when there is so much wasted potential in not pursuing excellence in everything we do. Even though we might physically stop growing I think we are called to continue to grow and learn in even more powerful ways. There has been a lot of research done on how active a person is physically and mentally in their adult lives and especially after “retirement” with how long they will live and their quality for life. For me I strive to never take a break or turn off my mind.

Chris and Laura


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