day 113


I was traveling through a small town that I’ve frequented when I was surprised to see devastating destruction caused by a very recent fire. This fire took out several blocks of the town’s main street and destroyed buildings that had been standing for decades. When something like this happens our first reaction is of sadness and grief. When something is damaged or destroyed it is lost; never to be the same. That’s the definition. From that damage though there are several paths. Will the owner of this building repair the damage? Can the damage be repaired? Or will the owner rebuild, completely tearing down the old and building something new? What’s the cost in every means to repairing or rebuilding? Or ultimately will the owner just move on? Is the damage significant enough and the effort and energy let alone time high enough of a cost to just walk away? I don’t know the answer and will have to wait and see. There are a lot of things, difficult things, bad things that happen in this life. We injure each other a lot. There’s always a fork in the road and a question and decision must be asked. Is there enough here to repair or rebuild? Or is the situation not salvageable? I think a lot of situations that initially seem hopeless are in fact an opportunity to make what once was even better, even stronger for the future, even if it means time and a lot of hard work.

Chris and Laura


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