day 111


This pier and this lake are two things that loom large in my memories. The lake was always freezing, even in the hottest days of summer. So we had to work up the courage to jump in its icy depths. So we’d come at it from a run all the way down the pier and then jump in when there was no more room to run. There was that moment before you hit the water where you’d close your eyes and brace for the cold to wash over you. But this was the best way. Taking it slow was too painful. You had to jump.

There are a lot of things in life you just have to jump into. There is merit to taking your time to think things through. But I know for myself, I’ll start waiting for the perfect conditions, the right mood or day to make the needed change. But really I just need to run, close my eyes in prayer and take the plunge. It’ll be a shock to my system but it will always always be better and easier in the long run.

Chris and Laura


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