day 105


I love shooting with my camera. I switched from Nikon about a year ago and took a dive into the mirror-less world. Like any change it was a big adjustment at first. If you know anything about the camera world the mirror-less camera systems has been increasing in popularity and use with technology quickly catching and surpassing the older DSLR technology. With the XT-2 it was a very quick and pleasant transition.

What I love about this camera, outside of the amazing performance, is that the button layout forces you into manual mode, or to think about every aspect of digital photography every picture. I’ve owned Nikon DSLRs for over five years before this switch and think that the typical digital interchangeable lens camera layout makes you lazy about understanding full manual shooting, at least for a hobbyist shooter.

Over the last 100 pictures I’ve taken for my blog I’ve used my XT-2 every day and have been having a debate with myself if I need to take my camera and its lenses wherever I go. The problem I have with it is that even though my camera is smaller than the old DSLRs it still takes up a lot space and is a hassle to take wherever I go. I’m on a minimalist kick when I travel or commute day to day and it’s a lot easier to not take it than to take it. That’s a big problem for the traditional camera companies when smart phones are quickly working on capabilities that are matching bigger cameras. Now the detail isn’t there yet but that was the case a short time ago with mirrorless cameras compared to traditional DSLRs. So for a while I’m putting down my camera, giving it a break and see what I can come up with my iPhone 7+. I had to get over some head trash about my 365 project and remember it’s about taking a picture every day– seeing things differently every day. Seeing light in different ways every day. This next week that will be coming from my phone.

Chris and Laura


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