day 104


Homemade. That word conjures up so many different feelings in everyone around the world. There are so many different cultures, races, ethnicities, religions but one thing I know is that everyone has to eat and almost all, if not all, enjoy eating. Homemade is one of those words that conjures up great memories of favorite meals.

For those of you who know me I don’t drink coffee. I never have and I’m not against the drink or those who love it, I just don’t enjoy it. But hot chocolate in the morning, now that’s my flavor. And with my hot chocolate it’s always been marshmallows. Sometimes more marshmallows than drink.

So when Laura decided to experiment with the help of her favorite teachers at Americas Test Kitchen I was more than excited. It was more than a messy proposition but all four of us agree it was well worth it. And those fluffy, sugary, fresh pillows are amazing. The simple ingredients are so much better and more natural than store bought. Now that I’ve tasted them it’ll be hard to go back!

Chris and Laura


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