day 102


I love cycling. I was roped into starting back in college by friends who I think we’re just looking for bodies for the collegiate team. I was hooked immediately. I loved riding through the countryside for miles and hours upon hours. There’s nothing like riding on a hilly back road and turning a corner to see a beautiful landscape. I loved racing. The fast paced competition with some of the biggest schools in the Midwest and Big 10. Through the years I’ve kept up with riding but it has changed. I don’t devote as much time so I can devote more time with my boys. But I stay in shape and the love, and desire is still very present.

These are wheels that I always wanted in college. Ones that I could never afford but always dreamed about having and riding on. And they are a dream to ride on. When you hit a smooth, new patch of pavement with these you cease to be held to the ground and seem to fly. But my priorities have changed. These are so nice and expensive that I didn’t use them a lot. The conditions had to be just perfect for me to use these. I know, first world problems. But even with these types of problems I’m constantly being taught about what’s truly important.

At the beginning of the year we started really looking at the “stuff” we have accumulated in our small home and asking a few basic questions. Do we use it or find it useful? Is it beautiful or add beauty to the world? Do we enjoy it and receive joy out of having it? What we realized is that there were many things we thought essential that really weren’t. We were being taught to hold our material possessions very loosely in our hands and start valuing the non-material more. We made a change. We donated a lot. The things we could sell we did to use the money elsewhere. And although it was a dream to have these wheels they are next to be sold to a new home. And we are much happier.

Chris and Laura


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