day 97


I’ve driven by this particular scene dozens of times, each time saying I need to stop and take a picture. I’m so glad I finally stopped. The clouds were incredible and all the colors just seemed so much more vibrant after all the rain we’ve been having. There’s something about wide open spaces like this that just quiets me down. Looking around at land as far as the eye can see just draws me in and makes me want to stay even longer.

I’ve spent time in a lot of different cities both in the US and internationally. It never ceases to amaze me at how muted these colors get in densely urban environments. Laura once told me how in spending over two weeks in Beijing that she only once say a blue sky. And that was for 5 minutes after a brief rain. I love the city- the excitement, amenities and people, but I feel most at home here between the corn fields and pastures.

Chris and Laura


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