day 95


Doing projects around the house requires a lot more planning with the boys. We either plan to work during their nap or after they’ve gone to bed. Tonight a project ran over that needed finishing so we all went out together after dinner. I gave the boys some sidewalk chalk and they entertained themselves while we worked. There was a lot of giggling and happy shrieking towards the end of our time. They love being outside and since it’s rained for what seems a month straight, I just thought it was general excitement. Then I took a closer look at Liam and saw he’s been rubbing his chalk drawings from the drive on his face. He was so pleased with himself. He loves to color and every day tries to color himself with crayons, only to be disappointed that it doesn’t mark on him. Tonight he got his wish and he was over the moon with how it turned out. I have a feeling every time we get the chalk out that he will emerge with an even more colorful face. I can’t get enough of this boy and his wonder at the color all around him.

Chris and Laura


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