day 94


It was one of those days that I had a hard time finding inspiration to take a picture. It happens from time to time when you challenge yourself to take a picture every day no matter what. It hasn’t helped that it’s rained for several straight days here in Indianapolis and I don’t think my family will put up with me taking many more portraits.

I took a short break between meetings this morning to reflect on my work and the space I’ve been blessed to work in. Laura’s fingerprints are all over the space, which I love, not to mention just one item that’s straight from the boys. It’s a peaceful place for me, even though there are moments that can be stressful. This space helps me to stay focused at being the very best at what I do- to give it my all and work hard for my clients and my family. It’s hard spending so much time in this space, away from my wife and boys, but I love what I do, the people I meet, and the space I’m privileged to be in.

Chris and Laura


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