day 93


The grocery store. This has been a somewhat long awaited opening in our household starting when Meijer announced their new development in the McCordsville area. This vastly changes our commute to get food from 10-15 minutes to 3 (I timed it) from our home. We already are loyal customers of Meijer but this makes it so much more efficient and easy with two young boys.

We took some time today as a family to go to the official opening day and walk around. We typically don’t do this as we usually try to be as quick and efficient as possible, only getting the items on the list and then heading home. It was a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively walking in a brand new store- the shelves completely stocked and everything extremely clean. There seemed to be just as many employees eager to help as people shopping and the store was packed (which this picture doesn’t do it justice and I had to wait for an open moment). The staff with their new jobs were eager to please any and all customers. It was as close to a run as you could get to be the first person to help us out in any department we stopped in. There’s so much hope and promise and I hope this attitude at this new store continues.

It really got me thinking about the work we do every day. We spend most of our lives working and there is always a lot of talk about dreading work. But we were created to work and work is good. There are many people, such as Mike Rowe, spreading the good news about good work and working with everything you have. Sure in anything we do there are things we won’t enjoy but that’s the life and world we live in. Everyone who has a job is extremely fortunate and there is a lot of good work to be done. I’m grateful for the business I was able to start and the work I have to do. It was great to see that today in the new Meijer with every single employee we, mainly Liam, bumped into.

Chris and Laura


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