day 89


Sometimes I wish people could see what goes on behind the scenes in some of these portrait photoshoots. It’s something straight out of a comedy. For Theo, I had Laura hold M&Ms above my camera lens in an effort to get Theo to look at me. It wasn’t too successful. He would screech and try to wiggle off his perch to get them. So I tried tapping my finger on the lens hood to get his attention. He loved the noise and wanted to imitate me so he leaned forward to do the exact same thing. Then he got really excited about the camera and wanted to touch every button. Meanwhile I had yet to take a picture…

For Trevor, I balanced a tortilla chip on my camera. I looked ridiculous balancing the chip and moving it as I changed settings on my camera. Besides the occasional drop of drool, he just sat there. Trev has been by my side through a lot of changes. He’s incredibly patient with the boys and is simply content to sit beside me and have me touch his head. He would give an endless supply of kisses if you let him. He’s endlessly patient and always happy to see me. There’s only one Trevor and I’m so glad he’s a part of our family.

Chris and Laura


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