day 88



Theo Beo. This boy is a joy. He’s mischievous and is his brother’s shadow. If Liam is shy, careful and cautious, Theo is trouble. He knows no fear and is always finding something to get into. He doesn’t care what people say and doesn’t really listen to scolding. It’s been amazing watching both develop differently. Theo is a people person and just wants quality time. Liam’s first words were of animal sounds and his favorite snacks. Theo’s first words have been the people in his life: Daddy, Mommy, Liam (“Eee Ah”), and Trevor (Rev). He knows when he’s doing something he shouldn’t and the second we call his name to have him stop, he flashes a sly grin, turns around and keeps at it. He’s a snuggler and will race over to me when I get home, hug my legs and call out “up up up Daddeeeeeee” and I can’t help but swing him into my arms and hold him tight.

Chris and Laura


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