day 87


We were given a copy of “The Five Love Languages” for our wedding. It’s been a useful tool in our marriage and even now with our boys we find ourselves referencing it frequently. As Liam is growing, we are starting to see what his love language is. With how strongly he feels every emotion, heis all about words of affirmation. Praise, encouragement and telling him how proud we are of him make him absolutely beam with joy. But a harsh word or talking with him about something he did wrong quickly bring tears and sadness. I love how he feels everything- for himself and everyone around him. He beams with pride when his baby brother says a new word, running over to hug him and tell him good job. And he’s always coming up to me and telling me I am the best with a giant bear hug. When he sees another kid crying, even someone he doesn’t know, he always wants to know if they are alright. This boy will go places with this empathy he’s already developing at three years old. He’s already teaching me and I can’t imagine how much more I will learn in the years to come.

Chris and Laura


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