day 79


We had a good spring rainstorm this afternoon. It’s the kind that reaches all your senses. There are the ominous clouds looming closer and closer as the storm approaches, there’s the distant rumble of thunder and the fresh smell of rain as the drops just start to fall. I live for storms like that. I love to sit on my front step and feel the warm stillness before the rain comes. There’s something calming about listening to rain fall. I had a disappointing day, one of those days where nothing really got done and everything seemed to go backwards.  So I sat back and listened to the rain, watching droplets race down the veins of the leaves to eventually soak the roots. Some days are like that- a gentle and refreshing rain. But other days it really feels like it couldn’t come down any harder. But I just have to keep reminding myself that this storm will serve to grow me no matter how hard the rain may come.

Chris and Laura


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