day 77


75 years ago today 80 men launched off an aircraft carrier in 16 bombers towards Tokyo. Just thinking about a bomber launching off an aircraft carrier is crazy enough but what these men set out to do a lot called insane. If you don’t know a lot about the Doolittle Raid during World War II it’s an amazing story you should look into. These men took off in enemy territory knowing they wouldn’t be able to land on the carrier and most didn’t know if they’d be able to reach friendly land. On top of this they were without any escorts or support typical to bombing missions of the time. This was a crucial point during the war where morale was extremely low from the attack on Pearl Harbor and Japan thought it was invincible. Most historians argue that these 80 men turned the tide of the war where millions would fight and lose their lives. War isn’t pretty and it is terrible. It shows the dark places greedy and power hungry people can drive an entire planet. Many people are adamantly against it but no one should refuse to acknowledge that we would not be the country with the freedoms everyone enjoys without defending ourselves. Those men risked their lives, as so many others have, to defend our way of life. This week we were able to witness the proof of the danger they faced and that should be respected no matter your view.

Chris and Laura


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