day 70

20170411-DSCF6468Spring is a battle and a race. A sprint. It’s really interesting to see a cross section of a deeply wooded area. We usually don’t get to see a neat cut-a-way of what’s going on but recent construction along 82nd Street has given a brief glimpse into something usually unseen. Most of us that drive through that construction to widen the road moan at the inconvenience and delays but I chose to see something deeper this morning.  Something so destructive allowed me to view the race for survival in the forest in a new way.

Sure the red buds giving streaks of red and pink across the barren landscape is beautiful but this time of year the underbrush greens up faster than anything else. Much more quickly than the large trees that have been growing for decades. If those bushes, seedlings, and grasses don’t green quickly before they know it they are trapped in a dense ceiling that doesn’t let light down to their height. The mature trees have survived storms and droughts and can take their time coming out of winter. They don’t have to race or risk exposure to the frost. They have matured and over many years can now benefit from the fruits of their labor. I find myself and many others wanting to look forward to the day where we can benefit from our persistent hard work but catch myself when I moan about my current status. Sometimes we have to take risks, face the frost, to continue to grow and mature.

Chris and Laura


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