day 66


The first Friday of the month offers a unique opportunity in Indianapolis.  The various art galleries around the city open up in the evenings for artists to showcase their current projects and recent works. It’s a chance to walk through their studios and experience a wide variety of art in many different mediums.  For us it’s enjoying local art. But tonight something changed, or maybe clicked. We spent a little more time with the artists themselves, getting to know them, what inspires them, and learning about the challenges they face. We talked about how they are motivated to create beauty and convey a message, story, or emotion in their artwork.

It got us realizing that instead of just consuming and keeping to ourselves, we can engage with people more on a daily basis. Most days I think we tend to stay closed off, going about our routines without opening ourselves up to learn about others. There are many different, unique and beautiful people in Indianapolis and through this photography project I’m going to start seeking them out, learning about their stories and developing relationships with the people of Indianapolis.

Chris and Laura


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