day 65


Happiness. Anger. Fear. Sadness.

Liam is keenly aware of the emotions of the people around him. He is always accurately accessing my mood and providing a generous hug no matter what emotion I’m currently feeling. He’s also expressive with his own emotions. As a toddler he can experience every single emotion in 2 minutes. It can be a tornado but as he grows older, he’s starting to identify what emotion he is feeling and let us know. Today I talked to him about how our emotions show up on our faces and took pictures as I told him to make a face for each emotion. It was a unique time to talk to him about how feeling different emotions, like anger or fear, isn’t a bad thing. But what gets us in trouble is how we react when we are feeling those emotions. Self control is hard at any age and I found myself being taught while teaching my son this morning.

Chris and Laura


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