day 64


Crayons are nearly synonymous with childhood. I remember getting a fresh carton every year at the beginning of school, spending rainy days coloring and being excited over crayon boxes with built in sharpeners. A new box of crayons was full of possibility

Liam really loves his crayons. He often tries to sneak them in bed at night but after coloring all over his walls he is searched every night for any hidden ones. When Theo was born he ended up only sleeping in Liam’s crib so Liam had to move rooms. We moved a few wall decorations but his room has been pretty bare. So today I made him a melted crayon canvas that looks like one of his favorite books- Freight Train. Melting crayons was a lot more fun than I anticipated. It was mesmerizing to watch the colors of wax mix and randomly spray across the canvas. Even though it took a while to set up and finish, it was worth it to see Liam’s reaction.

Chris and Laura



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