day 63


Years before we bought our house, our neighbors decided they wanted to make the neighborhood pond special. It had a lot of blue gill and bass for fishing and the ducks were always drawn to it, but they wanted to do something else. So they decided to make a bird sanctuary. They planted cattails and reeds with the hope of attracting different birds. Over the years it has drawn more and more birds to nest there.

I love sitting out on our back deck and watching the busy pond. There are the red winged blackbirds who flit about making their nests and chirping away in the cattails. There’s the silent and stoic blue heron who solemnly stalks along the shore fishing. On rare occasions there will be an egret who flies in for a quick bite of fish. It’s always liveliest right now with the arrival of spring. So every day I’ll take a moment to step outside and listen to my neighbors sing while they work.

Chris and Laura


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