day 62


Liam has a little camera that he likes to carry around and take pictures of anything and everything. We will scroll through his photos and find all kinds of hilarious shots of his Legos, favorite book pages and a lot of his fingers. The thing that strikes me the most about his photos is the perspective. Since he’s so much closer to the ground he sees objects that I pass by each and every day and never notice. It reminds me to get down to his level and see things from a different perspective.

So this morning I laid down and looked at my front yard. In one sense this is a pretty simple picture and nothing special. But when I step back and think about what makes it up- the grass, the dew droplets, the sunlight- and how all of those things operate together to grow something most of us complain about cutting every week (something I actually really enjoy) it makes me stop and think, which I think is a good thing.

Chris and Laura


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