day 61


Why do we take pictures? Everywhere you look, people have their cell phones out and are taking a quick photo. So I’ve been thinking about why we do that. Why do we want to take photos? I think it’s because we want to capture that moment forever. Whether it’s the endearing mischievous grin of a toddler, a successful garden project or a family get together, we want to remember it in some other fashion than just our memories. We want to be able to share those memories with others so we can relive that moment. It offers us a chance to freeze time and remember the details of some great times.

Today I drove past this tree four different times and was stunned with its beauty each time. Finally I decided to drive back to it and take a picture. It was early evening and the light was just perfect. I thought it was beautiful before but seeing the light accentuate the soft pink color and delicate flowers made it unforgettable. Now I have this photo to look back on in the cold dreary days of winter next year and remember that this beauty is just around the corner.

Chris and Laura


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