day 60


There are certain foods that carry a lot of memories. Chipwiches are one of those foods for me. It reminds me of dating in college, long walks around campus and great conversations. Laura’s sorority made the best chipwiches. They had them rarely and so Laura would make sure I was on the guest list for dinner when they were on the menu. We’d sit on the porch and talk, trying to savor every bite of the chipwich before it melted. It was not an ordinary ice cream sandwich. They were handmade with fresh baked cookies and good ice cream.

We graduated, got married and started our careers and forgot for a time about chipwiches. But then I saw an ice cream sandwich in the grocery store and started figuring out the best way to make our own chipwiches. We’ve experimented with every kind of cookie and ice cream and have loved every one of them. We will take our latest experiment, sit on the porch and talk about old times. Those memories are the sweetest.

Chris and Laura


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