day 58


They say that a dog is man’s best friend. That saying is certainly true between Trevor and Liam. Trevor joined our family a year before we married. He was our baby before we had babies. I did worry about how he would handle Liam when we first brought him home since he’s 100 pounds of eager, affectionate lab and he was used to getting all the attention. But the moment Liam came home, it was his baby too. He would follow me to his room during the wee hours of the morning, awaken to his every cry and protectively watch over him.

As Liam has grown, so has the love between the two of them. Trevor is the perfect lounging couch for reading books, the best at playing chase in the back yard and a co-conspirator who takes anything unwanted off Liam’s plate. For a time he served as the monster slayer in his room and slept in there at night until his snoring got him kicked out. Liam loves to give Trevor baths, take him on “walks” around the house and give him treats. I just sit back and watch this boy and his dog, the tender hugs and kisses exchanged between the two. Trevor may not be the baby of our family anymore but he gained a best friend.

Chris and Laura


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