day 56


Once a year we budget and save up to each buy a new pair of running shoes. When you look at the world around us, a new pair of running shoes each year can be seen as an extravagance and not a necessity. But we both want to keep in shape and exercise as a family. And there’s a lot to be said for the pains that start to crop up when all the support from my shoes are gone after hundreds of miles of use. So I really look forward to this time of year.

Every year we go to our favorite running store- Athletic Annex. There’s something about the service of people who genuinely want to make sure you are in the right shoe, their patience as you test run yet another pair and their knowledge of what shoe would suit you best. It never ceases to amaze me the new designs, ingenuity and creativity put into something as simple yet as essential as a shoe. I want to make sure to send a shout out and big thank you to the people at Athletic Annex today for allowing me to take these pictures and also putting up with my two crazy boys running around in their store. Before we know it they will be in there picking out shoes too.

Chris and Laura



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