day 53


It is always rewarding to finish a project. To experience the sore muscles, tired hands and overall exhaustion after hours of manual labor adds to that satisfaction. I’ve worked hard and I can stand back and see what that hard work has accomplished. That in and of itself is rewarding. I tackled building my boys a sandbox this weekend. I stood back in the dark with a flashlight and was pleased with it. And then when the day dawned and my sons saw their new sandbox for the first time, it was sheer joy and excitement. It made every sore muscle worth it.

It’s easy with house projects like that to see the clear stages from planning, demolition, reconstruction and the final product. But that’s not always easy to see in my own life as I work to make myself the best person I can be. There are days where it feels like a newly remodeled area has just been demolished after days and weeks of hard work. It’s hard to see progress. But then I simply dust myself off and start it again because I am under construction and God isn’t finished with me yet.

Chris and Laura



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