day 49


Bubbles are quite possibly my sons’ favorite toys. Even as I was taking these pictures, my oldest was giggling and dancing beside me to get more bubbles.  I tried to imagine life through his eyes as I edited these photos- to see the brightness of the bubbles, the rainbows inside and just their overall childhood magic through their eyes. It was an opportunity to recapture wonder.

Imagining life through my sons’ eyes got me thinking about how they act around others. It doesn’t matter if it’s just us or someone super important, wealthy, a different race or ethnicity. Our boys see them as individuals who are unique in their own way and certainly do not change their crazy behavior based on who they are. I don’t claim to be the smartest person in the world and certainly don’t have everything figure out, but maybe we would get along better with everyone if we stopped focusing on how we are different and how we should mitigate or make up for those differences and instead act a little more like Liam and Theo.

Chris and Laura


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