day 46


Learning to ride a bike is one of the biggest childhood milestones. It means you now have a source of transportation to go to a friend’s house or just ride around by yourself. It’s the first taste of freedom and independence. I still get that feeling when I cycle. I love to go fast, feel the wind whipping around me. It’s so close to flying that I know if I close my eyes I will only feel the air around and not the ground beneath me.


Exercise is really important to us. But it’s really hard to do with two toddlers who want to be just as active as us, yet aren’t quite able to keep up yet. It’s tough too because we operate best when we do everything together. So when we workout we love to work out together.We will sometimes run as a family with the jogging stroller, but we don’t get to see as much running as we do when we cycle. So it takes some creativity and planning to make that happen.

It’s amazing that people have taken the time to make something as functional as a bike beautiful. Though it’s not perfect, there is something remarkable and special about how the pursuit of excellence in creativity brings together both the beautiful and the practical.

Chris and Laura










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