day 43


When we found out we were expecting our first baby I thought a lot about how the mix of our genes and personalities would play out in a little baby. Would he be athletic and driven? Would he be smart and caring? It has been an absolute privilege to see his personality emerge and develop each and every day. He is one of a kind and when I think about him and his crazy antics, I can’t help but smile.

Liam is an observer. He stops to study a situation before involving himself. And he remembers everything about what is going on and will tell us days later about where different toys were and what other kids were doing. He is sensitive to the emotions and feelings of those around him. He will come up to me, wrap his arms around my neck and ask me what’s wrong. His love is fierce and he hugs with the tenacity of a hundred bears. He is quick to forgive and could sit and read or color for an entire day if you let him. He sings all the time, even joining in the songs he knows at church. And he sings at full volume, no matter where he is or who is there. That’s how Liam tackles life- all in, nothing held back. Sure that sometimes gets him in trouble (when he cleans the house by mopping the floor with toilet water) but it’s what makes Liam who he is. And I’m loving every minute.

Chris and Laura



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