day 39


Last night I stumbled upon a Netflix documentary on Platon, a famous portrait photographer. He has photographed some of the most famous and influential people on the planet. Hearing him talk about his goal in taking portraits, how much he pours into his subject and how he captures the essence of their souls and stories truly inspired me. I went to bed thinking of the important people in my life, all of the amazing and unique people that have crossed my path, that I wanted to photograph so I can capture what I know about them and show the world their beautiful souls.


We spent the day at the farm with family today, exploring the barn Laura grew up playing in. Before the boys napped we all walked around the barn so I could figure out what inspired me and what I wanted to capture.  There was light shining through the windows and the slats in the wood, casting beams on rusty farm equipment and aged boards. This barn is old and worn, but it is still standing. It’s still opening its doors and windows to tell a story.

Chris and Laura





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