day 33


Food. It means a lot to all of us. Too much or too little causes all types of problems. Wanting to much or too little does the same. It’s extremely culture. Extremely personal. Stocked full of personal history. With a simple smell, sound, or sight you can be immediately transported to a different time or place. Food tells a story. It’s a comfort unlike any other.

Laura’s passion is food. It’s what’s she’s good at and she loves experimenting with recipes to tweak to make it just right. It’s fun to capture that simple beauty. There are days where taking pictures is really challenging. Motivation is low and nothing seems to stand out to me. Sure there are millions upon millions of things I could photograph but I want something that inspires me and that tells a story. It was obvious then to start combining both of our hobbies. I’m curious to see what will be cooked up next.

Chris and Laura



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