day 30


I’m competitive. I love playing games. Games that are old. Games that are new. They bring people together and develop relationships. It’s entertaining and makes me think in different ways. We used to have a weekly game night, but I’ve found I feel scattered when my focus is on too many interests, divided among too many hobbies, hats, or responsibilities. I am always trying to give my 100% all at anything and everything that I do. One of the earliest lessons that I learned was that I can’t do everything to the best of my ability. I have to limit my focus to do anything great. To pursue excellence.

At the beginning of 2017 we sat down to discuss what we would focus on for the year. We made hard decisions but with constraints has come freedom. With focus comes the pursuit of excellence. Photography has been a great focus and hobby that has combined my love of art, creativity, physics, travel, nature, telling stories, and technology. I love the history and development of photography even over my lifetime. What you can do to express a story in an image is incredible. Tonight I played around by painting with light using a small flashlight while my boys watched me dancing around the kitchen. We all laughed and it looked crazy, but seeing how the light travels through the image and how you can bend and manipulate it to tell a story is more expressive than words can convey.

Chris and Laura



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