day 29


Being open is one of those things we have struggled a lot in our relationship with each other and with other people. Here recently I was told by a close friend and mentor that from the outside it looked like we were backstroking through life. I have beautiful children, live a great life and, compared to most, have nothing to complain about. Looking at Theo’s beautiful eyes and blond hair I could completely understand what he meant. Even Theo’s story of entering the world has been a blessing like so many others in my life.

But it’s not the case that everything has been easy or smooth. I have just as many sins, weaknesses, and problems as anyone else. In this age of social media and information overload it becomes too easy to be plastic and distant. True deep friendships have become scarce and there’s a crisis of openness in relationships. It’s not how we are meant to live. And this lesson didn’t come from my church or a counselor but the leaders at my firm. We all have problems, sins, difficulties that we face each and every day. I’m not saying we need to walk around like the world will come to an end at any minute but maybe, just maybe, we should all strive for a new level of genuineness.  That’s what I’m going to think about when I look into my boy’s eyes.

Chris and Laura


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